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Bird Proofing

Bird Proofing your Property

Any Pest can proof Domestic and Commercial premises against all types of birds. If birds are perching, nesting or roosting on your property then we can help.

Any pest will always carry out a full site survey to ensure the most appropriate and cost effective method of proofing is used. Birds present a massive health risk to the general public so bird proofing and cleaning up guano should be approached in a professional manner.

bird nettingBird netting is a very effective form of bird proofing for a variety of species from pigeons and gulls to sparrows and starlings. Netting is the most preferred method on roof tops car parks, front of offices etc. as netting does not intrude on the aesthetic of the building being almost imperceptible from ground level and it offers a simple and pain free prevention for all types of birds simply making them relocate permanently.


bird spikesBird spikes are a very simple but effective way to stop birds perching on GUTTERS, SIGNS, LEDGES, WINDOW SILLS ETC.
Spikes work by simply making it uncomfortable for the bird to land on, making them go elsewhere, simple but very effective.



Post and Wire:
Post and wire bird proofingPost and wire is a very discrete method as its virtually invisible, being mostly used on FLAT SURFACES, TOPS OF BUILDINGS and SILLS.




Avi Shock:
avi shock bird proofingAvi Shock is by far the most discrete method only standing 6mm high. Avi Shock works by sending a small electic shock to all types of bird landing on the circuit. Avi Shock can be placed on any surface and is not harmful to the birds, test have been done and show that once a bird has landed on Avi Shock they will be deterred in the future.


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