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Mole Control



There are two main methods currently used in Mole Control which are Trapping and Gassing.  Any Pest Control prefer to use the trapping method as we can remove the mole from the ground and you only pay for however moles we remove, this is the most cost effective control method.


imagesCALL2K86Any Pest have large estates, golf courses, paddocks, sports fields and domestic gardens under contract all year round as moles are active all year especially between February and July which is the breading season.

We can also treat your your moles on a one off job basis with set fees that do not change no matter how many visits are made to remove mole.

Mole activity in your lawn is very unsightly and causes damage undermining the soil causing dips and craters in your lawn making an uneven ground this a hazard for humans and animals in the area. We aim to catch the mole as quickly as possible to prevent your lawn being ruined further.

Moles are solitary so most of the time you will only have one mole in your garden area tho you wouldn’t think so from the amount of mole hills present and being made on a daily basis.



– Most humane methods used

– Only pay for amount of moles caught

– Set fees from the outset

– Professional Pest Control Company

– Fully insured

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